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G.I.S. Inc. Provides Commercial and Industrial Insulation.
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We offer high quality fire prevention systems at competitive rates
Protective coverings for all of your personal or business needs!
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OEM Fabrication

OEM Fabrication
  • G.I.S. INC. has been in the OEM Fabrication industry for over 30 years and still is leading the way in fabrication capabilities of fiberglass insulation and mineral wool. We are able to fabricate specific insulation systems to fit your needs ranging in a number of sizes and shapes. G.I.S. can offer advanced computer fabrication through a water jet machine that can cut to the millimeter of your specifications.

    What We Can Fabricate:

    Custom Precision Items - Mineral Wool, Fiberglass Insulation Board, Fiberglass Duct Liner, Rubber Elastomeric Insulation, and Ceramic Fiber can be cut to your specific design. Precision tolerance to plus minus of 1/16".

    Encapsulated Insulation - Encapsulated industrial fiberglass or mineral wool board provides superior thermal and acoustical performance for metal wall and roof insulation applications.
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